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Digital technology has revolutionized the printing of photographs using the same light sensitive  photographic paper that is used in a darkroom. Prints  can be made from both scanned film and from digitally captured images. Both the LAMBDA and the Lightjet  use modulated red, green and blue lasers that converge to expose light onto photographic paper with perfect edge to edge quality and up to 281 trillion colors.

BETH SCHIFFER CREATIVE DARKROOM has its own unique profile and has been recognized as a leader in digital output. Our international client roster features the most recognizable names in both fine art and commercial photography.

The LAMBDA and Lightjet digital C printers have won numerous awards for fine art digital C printing. Our experience in conventional color printing and our custom profiles gives us an edge on other digital labs to produce the finest color prints available. Our one on one service assures our clients that they will get exactly what they are looking for. Our Digital C Prints are considered by many to be the best in town. Our clients have said that the difference between us and other labs is our good taste.

Reserve in advance for weekend hours.

Some of the services we offer are:

> Lightjet Digital C-Prints [up to 50×120]
> Quantity Printing
> Black & White Digital Prints
> Digital Metalic
> Duratrans
> Duraclear
> Fine Art Printing
> Displays / Tradeshow
> Digital Inkjet
> Large Format

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