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Hourly and Daily Rental of Inkjet Printer

Beth Schiffer‘s labs has been a source for high quality photographic printing and accurate reproduction of all kinds of photography from fine arts to digital.

For business or art work reproduction, the inkjet laser printers are the latest equipment used for high definition printing. But the cash involved in buying as well as maintaining such advanced printing equipment becomes a hindrance. Leasing inkjet printers instead of buying it can help you save huge amount of money without compromising on the quality of the picture representation.

Beth Schiffer‘s labs offers Inkjet rental in NYC for a wide range of printing options at hard to ignore prices.

Inkjet rental in NYC

Beth Schiffer‘s labs offers hourly and daily rental of the inkjet printers in NYC. Our inkjet printers are widely used by a wide range of professionals for all kinds of photographic printing needs. Whether you want black and white digital prints or duratrans, our inkjet printers are capable of printing all kinds of formats with the most accurate representation.

Our inkjet rental in NYC will help you save you money on the expensive solution of the Ink Jet (Geclee’) printing. You can easily get large prints of any kind of photographs or art work.

You can conveniently use our printers on a separate location where our technicians will help you get the reproduction you want. You can view and test the prints before the files are printed for the final copy. Our state-of-the-art work station is fully equipped to match your exact needs. Whether it’s retouching or color correction or anything that you need help with you can rest assured of the help from our experienced team.

Enjoy the Best prices

We combine the best quality with the most affordable prices with our inkjet rental in NYC. Our affordable rates are cost effective option and will help you save money while maintaining highest quality work.

Please email Beth Schiffer at or text her at 917-701-4691 if you have any questions regarding our inkjet rental in NYC.